The issue of climate is the biggest concern of not only environmentalists but also all citizens around the world. People are figuring out effective solutions to reduce greenhouse gases that lower the temperature. Afforestation is one of the most effective natural-based methods for mitigating the consequences of climate change.

What is afforestation?

Afforestation refers to the process of sowing seeds or planting trees in an area where there were no trees before, creating a new forest. However, this shouldn’t be confused with the term “reforestation”. Reforestation means planting trees in an area where the number of trees has decreased by natural and non-natural impacts. 

Land that has become desert (due to desertification), regions that have long been used for grazing, abandoned agricultural fields, or industrial sites might all be planted.

Afforestation goals

The primary aims of afforestation are to reduce atmospheric CO2, improve soil quality, and either avoid or reverse desertification. This method can help us reduce greenhouse gas emissions and, as a result, mitigate the consequences of climate change. Commercially, it improves the output of various tree species that may be utilized in the wood industry. When it comes to environmental benefits, planting trees is always helpful, regardless of whether we do it on barren lands or to rebuild depleted forests. Trees help to reduce carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. As a result, large-scale afforestation helps mitigate the difficulties caused by the use of fossil fuels.

Afforestation-created forests also offer habitat for local animals, act as windbreaks, promote soil health, and may assist enhance water quality.

At Oxychain, we believe that the variety of afforestation makes them the most crucial aspect for sustaining biodiversity on our planet.

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