Meet our People

Our multidisciplinary team has the ambitious challenge of building a platform to encourage trust and usability for the carbon credits market, and at the same time, invigorate and revitalize consciousness on sustainability, regeneration, preservation and the impact of human species on earth.

René Labarthe

Founder & CBDO

René Labarthe is a designer, artist and environmentalist driven by purpose with over 15 years of experience and currently serves as CBDO and Founder for Oxychain Inc. He is also a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and crypto enthusiast now serving as the Founder and CEO of The Storm Network. An innovation hub focused on decentralized technologies applied to the wellbeing of our societies and the environment.

León Acosta

Founder & CEO

Leon is a technologist, entrepreneur and digital product designer, specialized in blockchain and human-oriented applications. He is founder of Oxychain Inc. and currently leading the team as chief executive officer. He is the CEO of Dandelion Labs – a Blockchain Product and Research Agency in Hanoi, Vietnam, and board member of The Storm Network – a Latin American group of thinkers incubating software ideas.

Nicolás Lalli

Lead Designer & CCO

Nicolas Lalli is an antidiciplinary techno-optimistics self-taught Artist and Graphic Designer from Argentina making things online since 1997 and 10+ years of experience in graphic design and complex identity systems. He believes this innovative technology will drive disruptive solutions that have a genuine
positive impact on society.


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