We came a long way to discover ourselves lost in the middle of a digital jungle, information comes through our eyes and ears and we end up forgetting about the little things: the chirp of the birds in the morning, the sound of water coming down the river, a seed germinating, the flourishing of a dandelion or the smile of the being next to us.

We want to keep these things happening.

. . .

“Oxychain was born from a place of love. We dedicated the biggest part of the last two years to understand the current situation of the world, the sustainability industry, the different players involved, their good deeds, their bad ones, and the lack of, and we gave birth to the building blocks of what we believe can revolutionize the way the that we interact as human beings with the environment. We envision a parallel way to the goal of regeneration, through conscious communication, education and action, allowing individuals and corporations to understand their impact and lower or compensate for it, to find balance. We are in a battle with no winners or losers, we are in a fight for survival. Survival of humans, survival of all animals and plants, the survival of the planet as the living organism we know.

Oxychain is not another blockchain startup, and we do not intend to become one. Even if through the evolution of the ecosystem we will need to go through the path of a privately held company, to a not-for-profit organization, we will manage differently. We are building a platform for us all. Oxychain is building its own Decentralized Autonomous Organization, there’s no up or down, there’s no more or less, there’s no right or left, there’s just all together working for a more sustainable future, and with time we think it could become the sustainability standard.

Swan once said: “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”, and we say after all, “Are we ready to take action, today?”. It might sound cliché, but every day we interact with people that believe they are not relevant, their impact is small, on the planet or a person, and we think that’s a lack of confidence, but far from reality. We all are relevant, and we all are responsible, and we might not all be accountable for our actions, but surely we can do something.

Though our Earth has been waiting forever to hear a sound of positive change, today we stand up for survival, leading the sustainability revolution, and connecting all beings on earth to create regenerative roots in our shared home.

At the time of this reading, we invite you to join the movement, that is not only us, Oxychain, is us, humans, fighting for a better future, a future that considers us all, that care about us all, 

From the bottom of our earth, Rene, Nico, and Leon”

. . .

Just as Newton’s apple taught him that every action has a reaction, the plastic wrapping of our apple taught us that every action has a carbon footprint. Every action, no matter how small, has a carbon footprint. As little as it can be, any decision we make impacts our environment. We can see today the results of our stopover on planet earth. The thing is, are we ready, or willing to do something to revert the tendencies of our current model?

Distributed ledger technologies throw us into a new paradigm, where we can trust technological infrastructure instead of brands, institutions or governments, giving space to new kinds of interactions and data management. We can see the presence of digital representation through every operating activity in our daily life. However, at no exception, every digital transaction inherits or produces carbon footprints. 

Blockchain has been highly criticized for the high amount of energy consumption of consensus protocols like Proof of Work, and there are not many solutions tackling this significant environmental issue with efficiency and transparency. 

Oxychain – Go neutral with us

As an on-chain solution to deal with this issue, Oxychain® is creating interoperability between the carbon markets and the digital world using open-source software infrastructure for compensation of emissions. Any platform blockchain or not will be able to connect to Oxychain’s ecosystem via blockchain or APIs and perform an offsetting process. We have the commitment of bringing transformative solutions to the conventional Carbon Markets with a strong focus on capillarity, accessibility and interoperability.

Mother Nature in millions of years of evolution has created the best organisms for capturing CO2 from the air, their variety makes them the most crucial aspect for sustaining biodiversity on our planet. Just like trees transforming carbon dioxide to create oxygen, Oxychain® promotes and funds environmental and regenerative projects and uses Verified Carbon Units (VCU) to mint the ultimate token economics for sustainability OXE-OXY-OXM.

Our goal is to promote carbon neutralization of entire networks, supply-Chains, production-Lines and communities. Our strategy relies on the viral effect of the crypto DeFi ecosystem to create universal value of units for biodiversity. By tokenizing sustainable projects and creating liquidity pools out Verified Carbon Units (VCU), we allow third-parties to offset their emissions on any kind of transaction, transferring value to a much healthier layer and starting their journey on the Oxychain®. Each new token (OXY) represents the contribution to a project of afforestation, reforestation or regeneration, which means that on a success crisis, we would be having massive numbers of regeneration & preservation projects flourishing in our ecosystem. 

Oxychain® believes that anyone who cares for our environment can invest in this ecosystem in order to significantly contribute to creation of many benefits for our planet  such as soil-recovery, local community development, GHG emissions reduction, sustainable agriculture and watershed, land preservation, reforestation, air quality, ocean life etc.

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About Oxychain: Oxychain is an on-chain solution to create interoperability between the carbon markets and the digital world with software infrastructure for on-chain compensation.  Oxy Labs, the company behind it, aims to bring transformative solutions to the conventional Carbon Markets with focus on capillarity, accessibility and interoperability.

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