Oxychain - Carbon credits

Carbon credits: History of Emissions Trading and Market Overview

Under an emissions trading, companies or groups are given emission permits, which are known as carbon credits, that enable them to discharge a particular quantity of a specific pollutant during a certain time period. In fact, businesses or organizations that need to own carbon credits to cover the emissions their business has on the environment. The emissions trading via carbon credits are becoming a big trend in the businesses. Let’s explore the history of emissions trading and market overview of this terms!

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Oxychain - What is Oxychain?

What is Oxychain?

Oxychain is an on-chain solution to create interoperability between the carbon markets and the digital world with software infrastructure for on-chain compensation.  Oxy Labs, the company behind it, aims to bring transformative solutions to the conventional Carbon Markets with focus on capillarity, accessibility and interoperability.

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Oxychain What is carbon footprint?

What is carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases (including carbon dioxide and methane) that are generated through our actions, and the actions embedded in the obtention of goods and services, i.e.: to buy a new phone has a strong carbon footprint coming from different sources like logistics, materials, et

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