Land Preservation & Reforestation

Conserve forests and plant trees

Afforestation, forest preservation as well as increasing forest coverage rate are the basic indicators to evaluate natural resources, environment, and sustainable development in each country. The impact of climate change is becoming more and more obvious, the weather is becoming more and more complicated, and natural disasters are becoming more and more severe and frequent, which has significantly affected forest resources and forestry activities. Based on those negative impacts, Oxychain contributes our efforts and finance to forest conservation and tree planting activities.

“Land Preservation & Reforestation”, is our main business. The projects of heavy industry, manufacturing industry, construction of supporting industries to join the global value chain… are very expensive, tiring races, leaving unpredictable consequences on the environment, and do not create long-term comparative advantage.

We have dedicated 2 years of research to understand the market and the concerns, to imagine different paths to achieve our goals, and came up with real solutions to the existing challenges, and they go hand in hand with “accessibility and simplicity”.

Looking back over the past, and reviewing our development process, we are always surprised to see that there are not many “incentives” that nature bestows. Protecting the forest, the “green lungs” of the Earth is what we aim for.

Each member of our team is an ambassador, with purpose, supporting afforestation and forest preservation projects worldwide, connecting and creating communities of land-owners and project developers to invest in planting trees and protecting forests.

We implement, support and contribute to projects on afforestation, forest protection, national park construction, tree planting and biodiversity conservation. The degraded ecosystems are gradually restored and improved in order to preserve rare and precious tree resources as well as reduce carbon emissions.

We keep things simple and minimalist in terms of design, that’s what we aim for when developing technology platforms. Customers or anyone can easily find the information they want. The simple use of the platform enables blockchain enthusiasts, business owners, investors, land-owners and project managers to achieve their carbon emissions goals, with projects completed quickly with cost savings.


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